St Andrews Indoor Golf Centre are delighted to offer Trackman 4 at our state of the art Indoor Driving Range

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Improve Your Golf Performance with Expert Club Care:

Discover the true potential of your equipment at the Centre of Golf Excellence St Andrews. Revitalise your clubs with precision repairs, bespoke adjustments, and tailored upgrades.

With a digital loft and lie machine, swing weighting capabilities and a full range of grips we can analyse the performance of your own clubs and make necessary adjustments which is often more cost effective than a brand new set.

Your golf clubs are an extension of your swing, and like any finely-tuned instrument, they require expert care to ensure peak performance. At the Centre of Golf Excellence St Andrews, we understand the subtle impact that meticulous club adjustments and repairs can have on your game. Our seasoned technicians combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to deliver transformative results on the course.

Our Repair Centre Services:

Precision Loft and Lie Adjustments: Even the slightest angle variation in your clubs can drastically alter ball flight and distance. Our specialists meticulously analyse your swing and utilize cutting-edge technology to modify the loft and lie of your clubs, ensuring a perfect match for your unique playing style.

Revitalise Your Grip: The comfort and control you have over your clubs start with the grip. We offer an extensive selection of top-quality grips and provide expert re-gripping services. Find the perfect texture and size to enhance your feel and ultimately improve your score card.

Custom Re-shafting: Optimise the flex,weight, and performance characteristics of your clubs. Our specialists will guide you through custom re-shafting options, tailoring your clubs to enhance power, accuracy, and consistency in your swing.

Expert Repairs: From damaged shafts and loose clubheads to worn-out grips, we offer comprehensive repair services to restore your clubs to their prime condition. Trust our expertise to ensure your equipment is always ready for its next round.

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Hear What Our Customers Have To Say!

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A really good facility in the middle of St Andrews. Three bays with Trackman and helpful and knowledgeable staff on hand.

A terrific place to work on your game, get lessons from one of the professionals or play a round on screen on some of the world's great golf courses on your own or with friends. Always time well spent.

David H

Amazing day out with Ryan Campbell on the Jubilee course and the 1 hour lesson in the indoor studio was top class A+ 100% recommended

Leon Campbell

Enjoyed spending a couple of hours playing at the indoor centre with the family. Andrew was friendly, welcoming and helpful.

The bays and equipment were good with options for kids and adults. Great fun on a wet day.

James Waters

Had a great 60 min lesson & 9 holes around Balgove with Scott, a lot of good advice was given, just need to get away & practice.

Thanks, had a great day & would recommend

Wayne Taylor

This is an excellent facility, with very friendly and professional staff.

The equipment and services were on point. Would recommend to everyone and any one who plays golf regardless of skill and experience. This will definitely improve your game.

We must certainly be back in the near future.

David Stewart

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At the Centre of Golf Excellence St Andrews, we are operated by P.G.A. Golf Professionals.

Call our Professional team for further information or any questions you may have about our golf simulators, club repairs or lessons

T: +44 (0) 1334 611 466