A few thoughts on fixing golf swings

A few thoughts on fixing golf swings

In these times of deep diving analysis and instant feedback it’s quite easy for golfers to search for instant swing fixes and unknowingly take a dangerous shortcut.

Even with a Trackman if you are trying to ‘fix’ your swing looking at the wrong element of data you may likely be working on fixing a reaction to something else. Leaving you hopelessly lost at sea. When working on path for example without considering clubface. It’s easy to get distracted when using video if you see the club moving in a way you may feel is not ideal.

When the dust settles the clubface for most is what steers the ship. Put this element in place and with time your reaction will become a new one. A better one.

All golfers do their best to find target with a wild selection of clubface positions. Either too closed or too open. The reaction that follows is what creates the swing.

If you’re trying to eliminate an unwanted shot shape. Start by moving the clubface into the opposite position it currently sits. Remove the target during practise. Swing freely. The curve will change. Your reaction will change. Now aim at something. Preferably your new start line.

Stop fixing swings and start encouraging a different reaction.

David Poulton