As golf equipment becomes more expensive,

Retro Fitting has become a great way to upgrade your clubs at a fraction of the cost without having to buy a completely new set.

The process starts with an analysis of the SHAFT and SHAFT LENGTH. Unless we are dealing with a very old set of iron heads which the golfer has used for many years the shaft is rarely a cause for concern and still playable, so will not need replacing. The length of the shaft may be so we will advise on the current shaft length as part of this process. Now we move onto the most important part of your clubs. The LOFT AND LIE ANGLES. With the use of Trackman data and a PGA Professionals trained eye we can dial in your Loft and Lie to allow your swing to develop, aid your desired shot shape, and improve strike.

Even if your irons have been previously Fitted for you we double check those advised specs and also make sure they have not moved over time, which they do especially if you practise frequently on mats. Using the spec sheet from your current brand as a benchmark our Master Clubmaker will check the loft and lie with our Digital Loft and Lie Technology and adjust accordingly. When they have been adjusted you can then trial every club in one of our Trackman bays before you leave. We keep all your club specs on record so if they need checking in the future we know your correct set up.

Lastly, and very often, the forgotten element of your clubs are the GRIPS. Hand size and comfort is taken into account, as we offer a wide selection of sizes, models, and qualities to put the finishing touches on your clubs.

Now your ‘NEW’ clubs are ready for some more seasons of successful golf at a fraction of the cost.

We look forward to helping out many golfers in the new year ahead.